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EQUAL OPPORTUNITY - Barefoot Dream Homes LLC is an equal opportunity leasing company. We make no distinction based on race, religion, orientation or other demographic characteristic. Our acceptance criteria is primarily based on financial factors as well as applicants’ willingness and ability to maintain a clean and safe residence.

$50 FEE - Should you be accepted based on a preliminary application, a $50 fee will be required to perform background and credit checks. If the results of those searches are satisfactory, and if you remain interested in leasing one of our homes, the fee will be reimbursed by reducing the first month’s rent.

PRIVACY - All information provided in this application is used only for a leasing decision. We do submit applicant data to service providers who perform background and credit checks, and we may maintain a back-up copy for our business records, but do not sell or use this data for any other purposes

REQUEST AN APPLICATION - Simply visit our contact page to request an application.